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Pure Sports Recovery specializes in treating current and former athletes who are dealing with concussion related symptoms from traumatic brain injury (mTBI). We have successfully treated over 100 NFL, NCAA Football players, boxers and athletes from many sports who suffered from debilitating concussion-related symptoms. 

The Pure Sports Recovery Brain Injury Program is based on a holistic, epigenetic, advanced neuroscience approach to modify neurophysiology and behavior. We are one of the few centers in the country to utilize sophisticated neuroscience techniques and epigenetics to modify brain wiring. 

The majority of recovery programs today for retired athletes focus only on addiction or offer mental health support. Recent brain research indicates that the neurons and nerve fibers that “wire” our brain continually change throughout life. Thus, the protocols utilized in the Pure Sports Recovery Brain Injury Program have immense opportunities to enhance life quality by changing brain structure.

About The Pure Program

At Pure we understand the brain’s natural ability to reorganize itself by creating new Neuroplasticity and improving already existing connections. 

Our Advanced Neuroscience Program collects data with highly specialized software that measures brain activity so that personalized protocols can be engaged to help restore the brain to normal function and peak performance even years after injury. 

The intensive brain health program is designed to address the entire individual’s health needs and provide world-class medical, holistic, nutritional and psychological care with sophisticated sports Brain Assessments and Treatment Protocols. 

Our acclaimed cognitive neuroscience experts are dedicated to discovering ways to build resilience, regain cognitive function and retrain the brain for relapse prevention and maximize the amazing potential of your mind.

The Pure Sports Brain Injury Program remediates symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury such as:

• Memory Loss
• Mood Swings
• Anger / Rage
• Substance Abuse
• Depression Anxiety

The Pure Sports Recovery program encompasses the latest techniques in state-of-the-art recovery as well as traditional and alternative therapies including:


Three -Dimensional
Brain Mapping


Brain Healthy

Stress Reduction

Elimination of
Environmental Toxins

Psychological Support